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June 2022 Newsletter​

Public Meeting Presentation

June 2022 Newsletter

Public Meeting

Public Meeting

The Lee County MPO held a public meeting on June 2, 2022, at the Estero Recreation Center for the Rail Trail Feasibility Study. The project representatives were in attendance to answer questions and discuss the study. There was a Presentation about the study, followed by a Q&A session.

Public Meeting Summary

  • The public, elected officials, local agencies, stakeholders and interested parties were invited by a Newsletter via email.
  • Meeting Advertised in the News-Press and Media Release sent out to local media.
  • A total of 117 attendees including members of the public, elected officials, City of Bonita Springs, The Village of Estero, Lee MPO, Collier MPO, and the project team.
  • A meeting handout and comment form was provided upon arrival.
  • Displays of the Study were available for review and comment.
  • Received over 60 comments during the meeting.
  • Article by BikeWalkLee displayed in The News-Press Go Coastal Section.

Public Comment

The public was asked to provide input on three alternatives for a north/south public multi-use trail through south Lee County and into north Collier County. The study team will use public input to help select a Preferred Alternative(s) to advance to the next project phase.

Public Comment Summary

As of June 16, there has been a total of 160 comments received. The comment period ends October 31, 2022.

  • 65 comments received at the June 2, public meeting or mailed in
  • 19 comments received by email
  • 76 comments received through the website

Alternative #1 – Rail-to-Trail: This alternative is a multiuse path that is converted to a trail from an inactive rail line. This was the alternative selected by the majority of public comments.

Alternative Chosen 
Alternative #1 – Rail to Trail81
Alternative #2 – Rail with Trail24
Alternative #3 – Trail Alignment Adjacent to Road3
Alternative #1 or #215


Rankings of the alternatives. #1 74% #2 23% and #3 3%

Public Meeting Boards

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Public Meeting Photos